Dieting Ahh!

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Lately I’ve been trying to lose 30 pounds, which i know seems like nothing but i’m 160 pounds and would really like to lose weight. I’ve try everything, from diets that i heard will make you lose 10 pounds in 10 days (which don’t work most of the time by the way), to exercising and dieting which is impossible because some foods, i just can’t live without no matter what.

My sister also been trying to lose weight which it has been unsuccessful for her also, because being raised in a family that enjoys many different types of foods, its almost impossible to turn down most of it. She weights 190 (don’t tell her i told you, just kidding lol) and has to lose weight because since shes only five foot two she almost obese. Also she has pretty big breast and already has to get a breast reduction for her back.

Anyway, I’m getting off subject. Anybody lose weight fast and has any suggestions for us?


  1. rossie said,

    Last year my husband and I decided to join Weight watchers. Like you, I needed to lose 25 pounds or so in few months. We did it and it wasn’t difficult to follow. I am glad I got in shape because months later I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I think that my speedy recovery was mainly because of the change of lifestyle. Luckily today I am cancer free 🙂

    Basically, we substitute all our foods with fat-free or at least low fat version. We ate the portion of that particular food, so pay attention to that(look at the product label carefully). If you want to eat out, ask for dressings or sauces on the side, they are always loaded with butter and fat. Get baked potato instead of fries.
    I love muffins and my husband loves brownies. We found a company called Vitalicious. They sell them in stop and shop or online. You can buy the mixes or buy some of their products frozen. I usually bake the muffins and freeze them. I take them to work. They are good and they are loaded with fiber. It is a healthy snack.
    I take my lunch with me. I carry healthy soups, and I will have 1 portion, not the whole can. I will have steam veggies(steamfresh are my favorite) and a toast. And I also carry fruits.
    Don’t forget the water. I like flavored waters.
    I found out that the key is to be consistent. Have always something handy if you get hungry.Carry an apple or something healthy to snack in your bag always.
    Remember that it is better to lose the weight slowly. People who lose weight quickly put it back quicker with added pounds too!!!
    So just eat healthier and get moving, take 30 minutes walks. It will make you feel better too!!

  2. George Beanny said,

    I wanted to lose much more than that, I’m talking a hunred pounds. But the same story nothing worked, just couldn’t lose it. Then I found this site I tried it and it worked I’ve lost 80 pounds already. I don’t know if I can post a site here but I’ll try facts about diets

  3. sandygoldberg said,

    Quick fixes don’t work – as you have already realised. Even if you lose weight on one of the new fad diets you will gain the weight back faster than you lost it. It is impossible and unrealistic to maintain quick fix weight losses. There is no magic pill, powder or shake that works. I know because I have been there, tried it and like millions of other failed!

    What I did discover (after losing weight successfully and maintaining that weight) was that you have to stop thinking of depriving yourself and that you are going on a diet and rather think that you are going to start making healthy food choices, and leading a healthy lifestyle. This involves putting into practice some of the things you already know like eating 3 meals a day, drinking 6 glasses of water selecting healthy snacks etc.

    You may find my blog informative, with some practical and motivational tips. Best of luck to you and your sister!

  4. strawberry871 said,

    I was trying to lose 70 lbs (which I did) and I found that low carb dieting worked really well for me. I also made sure to take a 30-40 minute brisk walk every day. I am ADDICTED to sweets and I changed to sugar free chocolate pudding, sugar free jello and lite whipped cream . They still had some carbs but was a lot less fattening than the alternative. And when i just couldn’t stand it, I would suck on some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Good luck to you!!! You can do it if you set your mind to it and think about what you eat before you eat it. When your clothes start fitting loosely on you, it will motivate you even more.

  5. fitangela said,

    Hello! One tool that helps me lose and maintain my weight is the Fitbook, a food journal and workout log in one. It was created by my start-up company because there were no journals out there that I liked and that worked for me. Studies have shown that if you track your progress and habits you are more likely to lose weight! I hope my product will be helpful, check it out at

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